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[Updated June 2019] The squash racquet bag you walk into a court with doesn’t just hold your gear; it also makes a statement. You need a bag that can hold your squash ball, squash racquet, shoes and a change of clothes without you struggling to zip it shut. If you are looking for the best squash bag, then relax because we did the research and found five bags that will definitely interest you. A Squash Bag will be your best friend, as it is one of the handiest pieces of squash equipment out there. As most of you will already know, and what all of you learn as you progress, is that there will be times when you need multiple squash rackets available. I’ll regularly carry 4-5 rackets with me to tournament games. I have my favorite racket, a spare of that racket, a second favorite and it’s spare. Sometimes I’ll have a fifth…