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4 Tips to Play Better Squash

The game of squash is one of varying levels. From one player to another, to play better squash is a continuous process and should be your goal. As I’ve watched squash matches and been a part of them myself, I’ve come to realize that there are two broad categories of successful players: Those who are athletic Those who are skillful Athletic players can grind out victories by sheer will and getting to every ball. The strategy could be narrowed down to “chase and hit.” I’ve seen this among very good players, and when I fall into this style of play against more skillful opponents. A pro that comes to mind with this style is Paul Coll (see Paul Coll superman dive). A common complaint comes from a lack of stamina. But these players can still get far with a basic strategy of: Hitting good rails and cross courts Don’t hit…

Improve Your Squash Game

When you begin a new sport, you may feel out of your element and unsure. Thankfully the more we do something, the better we get. But sometimes the progress we make is slower than we would like, so we search for tips to help us get better quicker. Squash is no different; it is a fast-paced game and sometimes even after months of play you can feel way behind. Here are five tips to improve your squash game. Keep Your Eye on the Ball New squash players all tend to make one big mistake; they fixate on the front wall. The key to improving your game is to learn to watch the ball. Now, this might sound obvious, but it is a hard skill to master. The ball moves fast, and you will need to learn to track moving objects. Another good tip is to make sure you are moving…