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Squash Tips: 5 Common Squash Backhand Mistakes and how to correct them

The backhand can be a difficult shot when and one you may find yourself constantly trying to improve. Your instinct may be to avoid it as much as possible; to maneuver around to your forehand or to position yourself so that you are more likely to get forehand shots. Unfortunately, your game can only advance so far when you are not able to deliver a strong backhand shot. Also, your opponent will be prepared to exploit such an obvious (and common) weakness. Of course, you will, first, want to take the time to have a solid backhand. Just a dependable stroke that you can count on when the time comes. As you continue to build the skill and your comfort level with the stroke and the sport, you will be able to develop different techniques to make your backhand more than a tool and more of a weapon. Here are…