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2018 Best Squash Racquets

Harrow Vapor – Best of Both Worlds, Premium Racquet The Harrow Vapor gets its name because of the vapor trail seen after the swings from this racquet. Just kidding, but this is one of the best racquet around. The Harrow Vapor is a top-rated racquet for the intermediate players and its qualities come at a top-end price. It gives the ability to deliver great power, control and responsiveness on the court. The one negative with the racquet is concerns over it’s durability. It is susceptible to breaking and seems to be a little fragile. Many players do complain that for the price, they expect the racquet not to break as it gets expensive to replace. Overall, this squash racquet has an amazing feel, great control and a top-end option for squash players. Harrow M-140 – Editors choice for doubles, best doubles squash racquet The Harrow M-140 is one of Harrow’s…

Plantar Fasciitis Sport Massage-An In Depth Infographic

Plantar Fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain for athletes and squash players. It is caused by straining a ligament under the foot called the Plantar Fascia. The Plantar Fascia supports the foot arch and acts like a shock absorber that absorbs the impact on each step. Overworking this ligament can cause tiny rips and tears on its tissue resulting in a stabbing pain on the first number of steps after a long footrest. MASSAGE THERAPY Using your thumbs, gently knead gently around the where the pain would be felt with gentle pressure to help the blood circulate through the damaged tissues. Do the same procedure on your lower calf muscles making your way down slowly through the Achilles tendon down to your heal to loosen up stressed muscles and to further circulate more blood to the damaged areas. Slowly move your toes to make invisible circles to loosen…