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Best Squash Shoes 2018-7 Best Shoes for Playing Squash

Does the age-old adage “if you look good, you play good” really apply in the game of squash? After taking a look at the squash shoes available, we’d like to confirm that you will certainly look good! While many players first look at the squash racquet as the key piece of equipment in the game of squash, the argument can be made for your shoes as well. Squash is a game of movement, and the foundation of your movement begins at your feet. Just as having good footwork and movement on the court is critical to playing winning squash, solid footwear leads to better squash and prevents injuries while playing. Best Squash Shoe Squash Shoe Comparision Infographic Salming Viper 3.0 (Editor’s Choice) The Salming Viper 3.0 Shoes are lightweight shoes that provide for fantastic movement around the court. Many players note the construction of the shoe, which is made of mostly…