Best Pickleball Nets for 2019

Pickleball combines qualities found in different sports such as tennis, badminton, and table tennis. The sport is gaining momentum and popularity with folks from all age groups actively participating. Some of the equipment required while playing Pickleball includes solid paddles made of wood, a Pickleball net and a perforated polymer ball (Wiffle Ball). Picking up paddles and ball is an easy task, thus we are going to focus on picking up the best Pickleball nets.

What are the advantages of owning your own Portable Pickleball Nets?

PickleballNet_1024x768pxYou can enjoy the sport with your friends and family in the comfort of your home. Pickleball nets can be easily installed in indoors and backyards. Having your own Pickleball net comes with a host of advantages. First, it saves you from the hassle of traveling every now and then. You get to enjoy the sport while saving a few bucks on the membership fee. 

If you have the space, an indoor Pickleball court can encourage you to play and master the sport whenever you have the urge to play. You can play the game anytime you want as there’s always someone looking forward to a quick game, be it friends or family. 

Portable Pickleball nets offer you the freedom to play Pickleball even while on a vacation or on a business trip.

Indoor Pickleball nets help you spend more time with your kids and thus mitigating the addicting effects of video games and mobile devices use. The assembly and disassembly of portable Pickleball nets are easy and hassle-free, the video in the below link demonstrates the ease with which you can set your court within no time. 

How to choose the right Pickleball Net? 

Not all Pickleball nets are created equal. This is because manufacturers are always trying to cut costs by offering substandard quality. You can select the right Pickleball net by listing out your requirements and limitations so that the shortlisted net can cater to all your.

PickleBallCourt_673x1024pxThe first thing you need to check is the outdoor conditions. If you live in an area with heavy winds, you need to pick up a net with extra stability.

The material making up the poles determines the durability of the net. For this reason, steel is better than aluminum due to its weight and longevity. In addition, metal poles which have powder coating last longer since they are unaffected by rust and the elements. 

The other important factor to consider is the shape of the poles. Oval poles are better than round ones due to the extra stability and heft. It’s advisable to look for a center pole in the kit for maintaining the court at the desired height and prevent sagging. The dimensions of the net should be followed strictly if the net is to be installed indoors due to the limited space. A wheeled carrying case is an optional feature which comes in handy if you are a frequent traveler. This feature also makes the kit even more practical. If you plan to play other sports like badminton and volleyball, some of them even come with adjustable height. 

Attributes which differentiate various Pickleball nets

  • Height adjustability options
  • Ability to play multiple sports
  • Materials used
  • USAPA Certification 
  • Pole shape
  • Powder Coating for poles

Top 5 Pickleball Nets

Zeny Portable Pickleball Net SetZENY-Portable-Pickleball-Tennis-Net-Set

  • The Zeny Portable Pickleball Net set is an affordable portable pickleball net with a durable frame which has a positive locking connection which allows for easy movement even when assembled.
  • Heavy winds don’t affect the stability of the set as its stable legs with bent design provide good stability. 
  • The set has a metal middle support with fiberglass net support and side tension adjustments.
  • The set is easy to assemble with metal frames which snap together in minutes. 
  • The whole set weighs in at just 32 lbs making it extremely portable. 
  • The set is quite versatile as it can be used on driveways, beach, and any flat area.
  • The set can not only be used for playing pickleball, but it can also be used for playing sports like badminton, volleyball, tennis and soccer tennis. 
  • The top of the net features a Velco tension system which enables the user to loosen or tighten the tautness of the net. 
  • The top of the net features a Velco tension system which enables the user to loosen or tighten the tautness of the net. 
  • The set includes a nylon bag for travel and portability. 
  • The bag is made from heavy 420D nylon with a durable zipper, carry straps, and internal sections to make portable net storage easier than ever. 
  • The set is highly rated and is known for its price to value ratio. 


USAPA Portable Pickleball Net SystemUSAPA-Portable-Pickleball-Net-System

  • The original Pickleball net system from the USA Pickleball Association.
  • Features the original snap together frame net system from USAPA.
  • It adheres to the official regulation size of 22” wide, 36” height at the poles and 34” height at the middle. 
  • Includes upgraded oval frame unlike round frames found on other net systems.
  • Has enhanced center support rod and adjustable tension straps for the net. 
  • Assembly and disassembly is a breeze.
  • The metal frame is powder-coated enhancing the kit’s longevity.
  • Each component is numbered making the installation quick. 
  • The set is useful for competitive games.
  • Proven quality and reliability as it from the house of USAPA.


Boulder Portable Net SetBoulder-Portable-pickleball-Net-Set

  • Suitable for games like badminton, volleyball, pickleball, tennis and soccer tennis.
  • Height is adjustable for versatility.
  • The thickness of 0.8mm compared to 0.5mm offered by its competitors.
  • Up to 50% more steel and up to 3lbs heavier than its competitors.
  • Hassle-free setup and disassembly.
  • The extra heft helps in windy weather and rough play.


Amazin Aces Portable Pickleball NetAmazin-Aces-Portable-Pickleball-Net

  • Made from high-quality components.
  • Easy setup with interlocking posts which snap together. 
  • Each post is stickered with a number for cross-reference.
  • The setup is a breeze with the included instructional diagram. 
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing approximately 22 pounds.
  • Meets the official specifications of pickleball.
  • Great for recreational play as well as tournament play.
  • Sturdy Poles


Pickleball Central Rally Portable Pickleball Net SystemPickleballCentral-Rally-Portable-Pickleball-Net-System

  • Includes Ball Holder
  • Holds 8 indoor and outdoor pickleball
  • Powder-coated steel poles
  • Oval frames for better stability and durability.
  • Nylon net with Velcro straps to keep net tight.
  • Raised Cross Bar
  • High clearance so balls can easily be rolled underneath the set.
  • Adheres to the official pickleball requirements in terms of dimensions.


Wrapping Up

Each portable pickleball net system has its own advantages. Among the top 5 contenders, the Boulder portable net set is a clear winner due to its innovative features, versatility, and good build quality. The set is made of good quality steel with good thickness and is extremely versatile so that you can never get bored of it. The height adjustment feature is useful while playing with people of all age groups. The product will especially be liked by kids as they can never get bored playing with the set.

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