Current Men’s Squash Rankings

We’ve compiled an updated list outlining the current Men’s Squash Rankings with curated video of their best highlights. Enjoy!

All of these players have gone through the progression of squash player skills that every player goes through to play at a high level of play.

Ten Men’s Squash Player to Watch

#10 Squash Player to Watch – Paul Coll

#9 Squash Player to Watch – Ramy Ashour

#8 Squash Player to Watch – Karim Abdel Gawad

#7 Squash Player to Watch – Gregory Gaultier

#6 Squash Player to Watch – Miguel Angel Rodriguez

#5 Squash Player to Watch – Simon Rosner

#4 Squash Player to Watch – Tarek Momen

#3 Squash Player to Watch – Marwan El-Shorbagy

#2 Squash Player to Watch – Ali Farag

#1 Squash Player to Watch – Mohamed El-Shorbagy


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