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Guide to squash racquet strings

As you move up in improving your skills in squash during practice or by playing a lot of games, you may find yourself not being able to perform the racquet techniques and plays as you did before when your racquet was new. You can wonder and inspect your racquet for signs of wear or a crack in the frame, but it could also be your squash racquet strings starting to wear out and lose tension. It may be time to restring your racquet with new strings! On my first trip to restring my racquet, I was presented with a buffet of options on how I would like my racquet restrung. He asked what I would like to have done, and I said “what do you recommend?!” After my experience and having since gone back to have my racquet restrung several times, below are the few things to consider before going…

Importance of the Squash Warm Up Exercise

A squash warm up routine is something every player should do before playing. Not only does it get you ready for your match, it helps prevent injuries. But how much do you really warm up before your squash match? In recent years there have been studies showing that excessive warm-up exercises actually reduce performance instead improve performance. Overdoing your warm up exercises before your squash match can actually reduce muscle power and in turn make you weaker when you are playing your match. Stretching before a game gives an extra layer of protection on the joints during a game. So what makes a good warmup? PURPOSE OF A SQUASH WARM UP EXERCISE MENTAL READINESS Mental preparation to set your mind to perform to the best of your abilities. To bring your focus at the task at hand. PHYSICAL READINESS Physical preparation for the heart and lungs. Raising the body temperature, blood…

Asics Squash Shoes – Reviewed and Tested

There are many types of squash shoes from different brands out there but for now, let us focus on Asics squash shoes. You may be one of the many players that prefer Asics shoes for their agility and speed but they are not all the same. When trying to find the best Asics shoes suited to your playing style, you may only be interested specifically in increased grip or support or comfort and so on. Before we get into the details of specific Asics squash shoes, we will look at some of the most sought-after types of squash shoes in general. It is much better to go out shopping for shoes with knowledge about what you are looking for and whether what you are looking for will actually help you in the court. Types of Squash Shoes There are two types of Asics squash shoes: Shoes Providing Stability for Power…