Best Squash Goggles for Safety and Comfort

[Updated on 1 June 2020] Safety is crucial in Squash. One solid hit to the eye with a squash ball and that’s it, you could be trying to imagine your family’s face for the rest of your life! While it is your choice to wear or not wear goggles, I personally recommend that you wear eyewear at all times during squash matches. A black eye or two later and I do not go on the court without them.

Best Squash Goggles

When looking for a pair of squash goggles, you want them to be impact-resistant, scratch-free and not be susceptible to fogging up.

All the major psquash goggle manufacturers makes lenses that are distortion-free and are made from polycarbonates. Meaning, less chance that they will break. They are extra durable anti-scratch & anti-fog treated lenses provide hassle-free protected vision at all times.


I’ve personally used all of these goggles, the best one’s are from Technifibre. The Head goggles are good for a backup pair or for your friends if they come play with you. THe Harrow squash goggles are priced at a premium, but they were quickly foggy. Technifibre squash goggles were flexible on my face and did not fog. 2 thumbs up for them!

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