How To Avoid Black Toenails-A Complete Infographic


One of the primary cause for black toenails is a poorly-fitting shoe and long nails. The toenail rubs against the innermost surface of the shoe every time you step. Your foot constantly slides back and forth in your shoe and causes incremental trauma to the nail. This becomes painful over time and can turn into a disadvantage for your game.

This infographic features a way to tie your shoe to make it fit better on your foot and play the game with better confidence in your footwork without getting hurt.

  1. Take out the topmost pair of loops of your shoelace.
  2. Loop the lace and insert the tips on the same sides.
  3. Loop both tips under the opposing loops and pull.
  4. Tie a bow as you normally would. This way, more force is held onto the last 2 rows of eyelets and should prevent your foot from moving back and forth inside the shoe.


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