Squash Racquet Stringing Machine Review – Klippermate Stringer

The Klippermate has been around for a few years now and has a solid reputation for being an affordable & reliable stringing machine. With our Klippermate review of the Klippermate Stringer we’ll cover why it has such a good reputation, and what it is known for not doing so well. The Klippermate stringing machine is one of the most common machines out and for good reason.

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Klippermate Stringer – Racquet Stringing Machine Review

Klippermate advertises itself as the most accurate stringer on the market. This is pretty easily disputed, but by no means should that be taken in a negative light. It can hold its own against products twice to ten times its price. While it is not the most accurate on the stringing machine market, it is accurate enough to complete whatever job you need doing. A good friend of mine has got his restringing down to about 20 minutes with the Klippermate. But he has little agile hands unlike myself!

The Klippermate comes completely assembled & is quite intuitive to use. The manual which came with the pack is more than sufficient to solve the majority of any issues that you may have. Beyond this, Klippermate offer a damn good support service which is why you will rarely find people to drop negative comments about them.

Their reputation holds well, as the Klippermate has been the best selling racquet stringer in the USA for over two decades.

As for its build, the Klippermate is a drop weight tensioning system. So you know it will be robust and simple to use. While these do not have the accuracy of a constant pull electronic stringer they will more than suffice for 95% of us out there. You will find your tension is within 1pound either way of what your goal is. Me personally, I’d be pretty surprised if I could really pick that difference in game & actually have it affect my game so it is good enough for me!

The Klippermate is very easy to use and you’ll probably find that you can string a racquet in about 30 minutes after a few tries. The Cam string gripper that Klippermate incorporates means that you will not need a ratchet pulling system which will save you time every time. The clamps themselves are all steel built. No plastic, no aluminium. It means it is heavy, but it also means it is probably going to out last you! The two point mounting system leaves a bit to be desired sometimes as the clamps need to be done up quite tight & still may not provide 100% rigidity. Still, the systems which have 4 or 6 clamps will cost you a pretty penny more. Once again, the two clamps suffice quite well & will only add a few minutes to your stringing time. Trivial matters really! The machine base is also solid steel which means it wont budge on your workspace while you are busy restringing. Just don’t drop it on your toes…

If you are after a machine filled with bells & whistles… Don’t bother. If you are after a functional machine which will serve the exact purpose that you bought it for, go for the Klippermate. It is dependable and affordable. Truly one of those quality products that will be around for a long time to come.

All in all, I’d be daft not to recommend the Klippermate to you. I am not going to lie, there are better stringing machines out there, but not for this price. Between the Gamma X-2 & the Klippermate I’d probably choice the Klippermate. None the less, the choice is yours, enjoy your stringing!!

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