Top reasons to play squash

top reasons to play squash

Below are the Top reasons to play squash

Play it any time of the year

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Fall

Squash is an indoor sport that is typically played on a 21 x 32 feet covered court. Because it’s an indoor sport it can be played any time of the year.

Good for your health

  • Burn calories
  • Build muscles
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve endurance
  • It also Improve body coordination
  • Improve reflexes

Squash is a fast-paced game. Depending on how competitive you are, you will be forcing your body to move in different ways because you need to react. If you don’t react, your opponent will take advantage everytime you slow down.

It’s for everyone

  • Team
  • Partner
  • Alone

It can be played by young and old at any skill level. Squash can be played in a doubles match with your team against another pair, singles match against an opponent or just you going in the courts to practice.

Minimal Equipment

  • Racquet
  • Shoes
  • Ball

There is not much equipment needed to play squash. All you need is a pair of non-marking shoes, a racquet, and a ball.

Did you know that squash balls have different color dots? The reason behind this is that the balls are classified at a certain level the player is playing at. A blue dot ball stands for beginner players, a red dot for progress players, yellow dot as the regular ball and the double yellow dot as the competition ball.

What’s more, is that there are modified versions of the game that matches the skill level for the people playing it.

Connect with everyone with the sport

Squash is a social game built on local players competing on the same courts. It’s easy to interact with people playing the same game as everyone tries their best to improve their skills.


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