Squash Solo Practice


Learning to control the ball, footwork and spatial awareness is essential in playing squash. Improving these fundamentals increases your skill level and gives you an upper hand in a competitive game against your opponent. These squash solo practice exercises will help you improve by practicing against yourself.

Below are some of the squash solo practice which is important to learn.


Position yourself next to the wall doing straight drives.

Aim to:

  • Project the ball as parallel and close to the wall as possible.
  • Move forward and backward working on your forehand swing.
  • Switch to the opposite side wall. Move forward and backward working on your backhand swing.


Do a straight drive followed by a crosscourt drive catching the ball on the opposite side wall.

Aim to:

  • Bounce the ball on the side wall with each crosscourt drive.
  • A transition between backhand and forehand racquet control landing the ball as accurately as possible.
  • Improve your footwork as you transition between the walls.


Feed yourself the ball with a straight drive and volley making sure to bounce it on the side wall before making another straight drive.

Aim to:

  • Make a strong drive on each straight drive and perform a different racquet position on every volley. Observe the reaction on your volleys.
  • Keep yourself moving in and out of the ‘T’ on each shot coming from different angles of the court.


Position yourself next to the wall and feed the ball with a bounce. Make a straight strong drive keeping the ball trajectory parallel to the wall with a spin to bounce on the side wall.

Aim to:

  • Spin the ball while keeping the trajectory straight.
  • Note your position and racquet control while working on backhand and forehand drives.


Visually divide the front wall into 6 sections. Right, left, middle sections and above and below the service line. Shoot for all 6 sections in succession with straight serves, positioning yourself back to the ‘T’ after every shot.

Aim to:

  • Work on your footwork as you go back and forth at the ‘T’ position from all angles of the court.
  • Make notes on racquet position as you perform your swings.
  • A transition between forehand and backhand serves.


Position yourself between the short line and the front wall, close to a corner. Feed yourself the ball with a bounce and volley towards the corner with a counter drop off.

Aim to:

  • Spin the ball from the front wall to the side wall making the drops as close to the wall as possible.
  • Observe ball behavior between volleys.
  • Work on your backhand and forehand racquet control.
  • Work on your footwork as you make tighter corner volleys.


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