Squash Backhand Efficiency

Just as much as forehand the backhand is just as equally important in playing squash. While a forehand can deliver much more power than the backhand, the backhand offers much more control which can be more unpredictable when it comes to a match. Although it comes very easy for some players, the backhand involves a considerable amount of technique to make it more efficient.

Early Racket Preparation

Backhand diamond position.

An early positioning of the racquet and the body while anticipating each shot is very crucial in each rally. The diamond position is a very ideal stance to perform a backhand swing giving more power and control over the ball.

Upper Body Rotation

Shoulder Rotation

The twisting of joints throughout the racquet arm gives control over the racket. Starting from the diamond position the movement of the shoulder provides control and power for the racquet.

Pelvic Hinge

During the shot, the pelvic serves as a spring for the body. By swiftly turning the pelvic, body weight is transferred to produce more power.

Spacing / Foot Position

An arm’s distance away from the ball’s path provides the most sufficient space to perform a backhand drive. Feet should be wide apart for better balance and power transfer.

Open Racquet Face

Wrist and racquet rotation

The racquet angle upon contact with the ball greatly influence the behavior of the ball. Having the racquet face an angle upon impact spins the ball making the return unpredictable for the opponent.

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