1. Let yourself get noticed by college coaches by getting a US Squash membership

US SQUASH MEMBERSHIP – Rank top 32 to be noticed by college coaches

  • Get a Rating
  • Build your Club Ranking
  • View Match History
  • Track up to 3 players
  • Access Live Scoreboard
  • Squash Magazine
  1. Maintain a high GPA

As a rule for colleges, athletes who play for them must maintain a good scholastic standing. There will be guidelines for coaches to recruit only students with a high academics. So even if you are only an average player but with good grades gives you an advantage over better players with poor grades. Thus, giving you a better chance at being recruited.

  1. Make sure to get high SAT / ACT results

SAT / ACT results are used as reference for college admissions. Scores on these tests will very well be a factor for admission on the college and basis for recruitment. Therefore it would be wise to plan ahead when taking these exams.

  1. Early Read

An early read is a process where the coach takes a set of candidates and present it to college admissions. This happens at the end of junior year when transcript can be reviewed. This is where having high academic standing will be of the highest advantage.

  1. Join college squash camps

When college squash camps are available coaches get the chance to work with athletes and observe them. Not only on the athletesʼ scoring ability but also the way they interact with other team members and overall coachability as well.

  1. Send in your application forms

Make your intention clear through an application. Have your profile and updated list of accomplishments available online and your grades and your test scores ready for download. Follow up your application without being annoying and give updates on your progress.

  1. Visit a college campus

Set-up a scheduled official visit on the campus to familiarize yourself with the team, your coach and the college squash program.

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