How To Do The Trickle Boast Shot

Squash Trickle Boast

The trickle boast shot in squash is an effective strategy to catch a point from your opponent. It makes use of the spinning momentum of the ball to make it react almost abnormally. In order to master the trickle boast shot, practice and an understanding of the physics involved is needed.

The key to the trickle boast is to spin the ball hard enough that it would lose its momentum as it bounces off the wall. Instead of bouncing the ball from the racquet face, the ball should slide from the face thus creating the spinning motion.

This is easier achieved with a backhand than a forehand swing. With a slashing backhand, project the ball from the side wall to the back wall just above the tin. If done properly the ball should trickle downward losing much of the energy behind the shot.

From the left corner back wall, spin the ball towards the side wall with a backhand swing.

Project the ball from the side wall to the front wall with a quick spinning motion.

The ball drops and loses its momentum from the spin as it reaches the front wall.

Strategic Advantages:

  • The shot will be made from the blindsight of your opponent making it difficult to predict.
  • The ball drops from above the tin giving your opponent a very slim chance of volley even from the ‘t’ position.
  • Makes an impression that the shot will fall on the back quarter of the court.


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