Useful Tactics for Squash


We all know that we need speed and endurance to be more competitive in squash. The faster player who can keep up the pace the entire match will likely take the lead in every game. When you’re up against these kind of players, you need to be smart at playing the rally. By having an arsenal of tactics and strategies, we can level the playing field as anyone who is faster or stronger and bring our skill level higher.


This strategy is relies on making your opponent predict the direction of the ball before you make the shot. You will need to be quick with your wrist movement and know where your opponent is positioned behind you in the court.

  1. Bring the rally to a faster pace by playing short near a corner on the front wall. With your opponent positioned directly behind you, gesture a straight drive swing.
  2. At the end of the swing as the ball hits the racquet face, flick your racquet to direct the ball low and across the front wall away from your opponent.


  1. Make a fast looking gesture as if you would at the beginning of a straight drive swing to make your opponent think that your returning a straight drive.
  2. As the ball makes contact with the racquet face twist your wrist to flick the racquet sending the ball on a different direction.


Get your opponent running and scrambling for the ball with a cross court boast. This shot requires a lot of power and precision but is very effective when you have your opponent close to you and starting to tire out from a continuous rally.

Both your position and your opponent’s position is crucial for this play. It will be best to attack the shot near the ‘T’ position towards the side wall to the lower opposite corner of the front wall with a larger angle farthest from your opponent.

Your opponent will be forced to go deep towards the corner at high speed and with great momentum. In case your opponent manage to return the shot, a larger unguarded space on the court opposite your opponent will be available for a kill shot.

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