Best Head Squash Racquets 2021 Reviews

[Updated on 1 December 2020] Squash training sessions are very intense and you don’t want your racquet to break after only a few minutes in the gym. The time you spend in the gym should not be wasted because you have to pay lots of money to be there in the first place.

A high-quality HEAD squash racquet may cost a lot but at the end of the day, you will get great success from your uninterrupted training time.

The thing is that there is not just one HEAD racquet but several with different weights, head shapes, and more. We know just how hard it is to research every single HEAD racquet that is why we have done the job for you and singled out 5 best head racquets. Let us look at what we have.


Best Head squash racquets 2021

Head Microgel 125 – singles only, best price

Head Microgel 125 Squash RacquetThe Head Microgel 125 is built with plenty of innovative features such as the Metallix, Flexpoint and Microgel technology. This is a great racquet for beginning players that is hoping to quickly advance the playing skill and all-around gameplay. The larger head size makes it easier to play for the beginner with great control and power.

The MicroGel™ is a special type of silicone-based material that is combined with strong composite fiber to create a racquet that delivers well on responsiveness. This technology has the ability to evenly distribute the impact load across the frame to give the best possible touch and feel in the game.

This squash racquet is particularly good for players that like to play a lot of drops and volleys. It is easy to handle because of its lightweight construction at just 125 grams. Plus, this racket is able to give a stiff performance with little to no vibration.

The negative of this racquet is that it isn’t a great two-way option. This racquet is definitely made for singles squash. Another point of concern for some players is the construction of the handle and grip. Rather than a traditional “square” handle, this racquet is more “rectangular” which can feel different in your hands.

  • Great for attacking players who are great at drop shots and lobs
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and stiff
  • MicroGel technology leads to no vibration in softball singles squash
  • Not great for doubles squash as a lot of times the racquet felt like it would break hitting the ball hard
  • Handle and grip. Rather than a traditional “square” handle, this racquet is more “rectangular” which can feel different in your hands.

Head MicroGel 145 – Heavier Singles Racquet

The Head MicroGel 145 Squash Racquet uses Head’s latest technology, MicroGel. My old man says it is “very nice, quick to get used to, low vibration and has a balanced feel with good power.” Sounds good Dad, now it’s my turn!

This is similiar to the Head Squash Racquet above, and if you used the Microgel 125 before, then you will quickly feel at home with the MicroGel 145. These are Head’s best selling racquets and it is a good all round racket with an above average weight and a mild head light balance.

Construction is of matrix of carbon fibers and a crystalline metal alloy. The alloys grain size is 1000 times less than that of most natural metals. While I don’t know what that exactly means or why it works, but what I’ll tell you is this: It does work. Apparently the smaller grains means a stronger material, due to what is known as the Hall-Petch effect. This increase in strength and rigidity results in a lighter, stronger and very powerful racquet.

The Head stabilizer included removes the majority of racquet vibration resulting in a very comfortable hit. Matched with a thick over grip, this is a very comfortable racquet to play with. The bridge section has also been lowered resulting in a unique throat design. This means that the main string is now longer, creating a larger sweet spot.

So what you have at the end of the day with the Head Microgel 145 is a comfortable, hard hitting racquet. As for finesse, it’s pretty impressive, but it was not a stand out. It was improved vastly with the addition of an overgrip for that extra bit of control. All in all, this is a great racquet. It is an expensive racquet and rightly so. This is definitely for the intermediate to advanced player!

  • Comfortable to hold
  • Strong frame
  • Durable and stiff
  • MicroGel technology leads to no vibration in softball singles squash
  • Expensive
  • Handle and grip. Rather than a traditional “square” handle, this racquet is more “rectangular” which can feel different in your hands.

Head Graphene Xenon – Large Sweet Spot

Head Graphene Xenon 135 Squash RacquetThe Head Graphene Xenon is one of the premier racquets on the market in 2017. As the chosen racquet of 2008 world cup runner-up Karim Darwish, you know this racquet has what it takes. This is one of the best high-quality racquets you can get and is durable enough to last for years.

Weighing in at only 4.76oz the Graphene Xenon is a light and lethal machine that will help you step your game up to the next level. Not only is it light, the Graphene Xenon is weighted, unlike most other racquets.

The Head Graphene Xenon Squash Racquet is head heavy, which may take some players some getting used to, but once you’re comfortable with the weighting and balance, you’ll see the true power of this racquet.

All in all, the Head Graphite Xenon Squash Racquet is a great racquet for players all across the spectrum. There are some aspects of it that some players may not find to their liking but, hey, everyone is different, especially when it comes to squash. If you’re looking for a great gift or are just looking for an affordable way to step up your squash game, look no further than the Head Graphite Xenon racquet.

  • Lightweight
  • Unique weighting
  • Little to no vibration
  • Stronger and less brittle than another similar racquet
  • Though it has a lot of power for such a light racquet, some stronger players may prefer a heavier weight for even more power
  • The head-heavy aspect of the racquet may take some getting used to, which some players may not like

Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 – Singles Power Player

Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 Squash RacquetThe Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 is an ultra-light squash racquet for singles players. This racket has an affordable price, lightweight construction, ease of control and ability to generate power.

The graphene technology called Graphene XT. Graphene XT technology uses the world’s lightest material to enhance weight distribution, power and swing speed. This enables a lighter weight without sacrificing the racket’s power. Compared to previous versions, the large head and head heavy balance stayed the same, but now the frame is even lighter.

This racquet is definitely a singles-focused racquet and many reviews on the web note the brittleness of the frame, as it is susceptible to breaking. Just don’t hit the wall!

  • Ultra-lightweight for more power
  • Head-heavy for more power
  • Because it is so lightweight, it requires excellent shot control
  • Not ideal for doubles and somewhat brittle frame

Head Graphene Xenon 140 Squash Racquet

Head Graphene Xenon 140 Squash RacquetThe frame of the Head Graphene Xenon 140 is great if you are looking for both power and control. It comes with a 14X17 string pattern and has an elongated head shape, which offers additional power over the similarly shaped Graphene 130. As much as it is true that the heaviness of this racquet may not be a great feature, especially for beginners, the racquet does not feel heavy because it is well balanced.

The material used to make this HEAD squash racquet is Graphene, which is an ultra-light and ultra-strong substance.

  • Evenly balanced racquet as advertised
  • Powerful racquet
  • Durable racquet and not brittle
  • Paint chips easily
  • May want to consider getting the factory strings restrung

Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 Squash Racquet

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Squash RacquetThe HEAD Graphene Touch Speed 120 has a slim body shape and the light weight of this racquet are what makes it highly maneuverable and extremely aerodynamic. It comes with a head light balance and it provides the power and speed that will help take your gameplay to the next level. These features make it easier for you to retrieve balls close to the wall better than ever before.

The racquet’s HEAD Amplified Fiber Technology (AFP) provides extra stiffness, which makes the racquet extremely fast and powerful. You will experience great touch and solid feel because of the racquets new Graphene Touch technology.

  • Squash racquet cover is included
  • Head-light racquet provides enhanced racquet manuervability
  • Because the racquet is head-light, you need to ensure you can generate enough power

How to choose a Head squash racquet

Now that you know the best HEAD racquets out there, it is important to know how to pick the racquet that will work best for you. Just because a racquet has a high rating or costs a lot of money does not mean that it will enhance your performance in the court. Remember that not all squash players play the same and so not all racquets work the same for all players.

Maybe testing a specific HEAD squash racquet before you use it is the best way to judge whether it can work for you. Let us look at some things you need to consider before you buy a racquet:


You can choose racquets that weigh 125 grams or lighter, or 130-140g or settle for heavier ones that weigh 15 grams and over. Weight is very important because it determines the amount of power a racquet can deliver and also swing speed.  A racquet’s weight can also put a lot of stress on your wrist and forearm.

Light Squash Racquets

They often weigh 125 grams or less. You should only use these types of racquets if you are an advanced squash player.

  • Easily maneuverable
  • Great for drop shots and flicks
  • Quick racquet swing
  • They are not as powerful as heavier racquets
  • May have lower durability
  • Expect lots of miss hits

Medium Weight squash racquets

They weigh 130-140g, a weight range that most players go for. This is because you get both power and maneuverability with such racquets.  This racquet starts feeling lighter once your wrists and forearm become stronger.

  • You get increase power
  • Increased follow through
  • Make it harder to perform flips and delicate drop shots
  • Not as maneuverable as light racquets

Heavy Weight squash racquets

These weigh 145 grams and over. A lot of cheap racquets like beginner squash racquets fall within this category.  Your coach may recommend the ones with a heavier frame to help build up strength in your wrist and forearm.

Try not to use them too frequently because they may make you develop bad playing habits that may be hard to break later.

  • Cheap
  • Helps to build arm and wrist strength
  • Very hard to do drop shots, flicks, and quick-reaction shots
  • Easy to over-hit straight drives
  • May injure player if the swing is not solid

Head shape

The head shape of a racquet can affect power, control and even sweet spot size. The different racquet head shapes are:

The Teardrop

These racquet sets may give you more power in your shots but they sacrifice some control. They require great skill to use and so are not recommended to beginners. Intermediate and advanced players use these racquets most of the time. With this equipment, you get a perfect balance between good power and a large sweet spot.

Open throat

Most HEAD squash racquets fall into this category.  These racquets are preferred by many advanced players because you get more feel and control in your shots. Unfortunately, they do not provide as much power as that offered by Teardrop and elongated Teardrop racquets. Some people may also not like the racquet’s lower string area, which just means they have a smaller sweet spot.

Elongated Tear Drop

If you are looking for a racquet that provides more power, then this is the equipment for you. It has a great shape with a big sweet spot on its face. But that means that there is a drop in control and that makes it harder to make accurate drop shots. Intermediate players and beginners struggle to make soft touch shots with this racquet.

Advanced players with strong flexible wrists are more capable of using this racquet successfully.


If I were you, I would go for the HEAD Graphene Touch Speed 120 because it is lightweight and strong. This means that you get more control over your shot placement.  It unbelievably stable and offers more power than other headlight squash racquets I have used in the past. Of course, headlight racquets are not meant for squash beginners who have not yet developed enough strength in their arms or wrists.

If you are just starting out, go for a balanced racquet because it will help you figure out what type of player you are. was started with the goal of being your go-to resource for all things squash. The team of squash enthusiasts are avid club players and have represented their communities in running nationally-sanctioned squash tournaments and sit on their respective state squash association boards.

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