Squash Tips: Drop Shot

[Updated on 1 June 2020] The Squash Tips: Drop Shot video was made by Shahier Razik. Razik has been a Canadian National Champion and national #1 squash player in Canada. He was born in Egypt and has been in Toronto since the age of 12, 2 years after he played in his first competitive squash match. Razik runs several squash academies in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area and began to put videos up publicly 10 years ago. He saw the opportunity YouTube presented early on!

Squash Tips: Drop Shot Summary

  1. Stay square for deception
  2. Keep head down
  3. Follow through to guide the shot
  4. Move back to the T

SQUASH TIPS – Drop Shot Video Transcript

All right welcome to Roz’s quick tips. We’ll be covering the squash drop shot. All right what we have here is an average Pro Grip: nice and simple thumb and your index finger comes together to form a nice v-shape. You want the index finger spread out a little bit, as this gives us the control over the racket. You don’t want it too close though that might give us a bit more power but we definitely lose the control with the racquet head slightly open on the forehand.

Squash Backhand Drop Shot

On the backhand what we do is we open the wrist to get the nice open shape. As for me, I like to hold my grip a little bit lower, that gives me a bit more reach and power. Some players like to hold the grip up here which gives a bit more control but obviously you’d lose the reach. One big mistake I see that amateurs will do is they’ll bring their V-shaped on the side of the racket what this does is it closes the face of the racket and that’s why we want it like this to keep the racket face.

We’ll be talking about footwork. For your forehand movement, there are three basic patterns: 1) front 2) left midcourt 3) backward. Notice that in the front left I was lunging off my left foot as opposed to the midcourt and the backcourt I was lunging off my right foot. The reason we do that in the midcourt rather than the backcourt is that it’s more efficient and quicker to hit the shot and come back to the T position.

Backhand footwork consists of three main patterns: 1) front 2) right midcourt 3) backward. The main trick is in the back corner when we’re coming off the T lunge in and as you hit the shot you’re dragging your left foot to give you balance to come back to the T.

Squash Forehand Drop Shot

We’ll be covering the four basics for forehand strokes: 1) racket back not up too high about shoulder height 2) drop the forearm and 3) come through and 4) hold the line on the ball. Let’s see that the main thing to remember here is as you come through your racket is parallel to the floor, you go through the ball that’s what we mean by hold the line again. On the forehand, we’ll have a lot of time on the ball. I like to square up to take my time and hit through the ball.

Discussing our basic backhand stroke starts with a 1) square shoulder 2) cocked wrist 3) racket out from the body not to close out hear. The racket start position not going to be quite at 90 degrees but just over 280 that’s where your power comes from racket drops and you hit through the ball. When I’m heading back in under low pressure I like to stay square on both feet so I can hit through the ball a lot freer you.

Squash Volley Drop Shot

In squash, we use the volley to put pressure on our opponents and give them less time on the ball. Your basic volley swing is a firm wrist, compact swing, square shoulder and you get the power through the follow-through. So the swing is shorter and more compact and we get our power from the follow-through. Make sure you’re square always, and the ball is nice and flat. Nice and crisp and again on the backhand notice how I can hit the ball off my left foot and my right foot the whole time my shoulders are square to the sidewall. So firm wrist and fall through for the power. Good thing to remember is your follow through: always finish wherever the ball is. If the ball is low my follow through too is low; if the ball is high I finish high.

In tennis and squash, the drop shot is used as an attacking shot. Here’s the way I like to hit it: you want to stay square, you want to get under the ball and as you hit the shot move back to the T. To get feet on the ball let’s see that again rack it out shoulder square drop and pull back to the T to get speed on the shot on the forehand drop same idea but we can afford to be more open on the ball and that gives us a little bit more cut you.

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