Junior Squash Racquet Buying Guide 2021

[Updated on 1 December 2020] Which Junior Squash Racquet should I purchase for my son or daughter?” this is one of the most frequent questions that I get asked by acquaintances and friends. This is part of the reason we took the time to conduct some research, test, and experiment to find out what several of the racquets had to offer.

 If you are reading this article, you’ve probably played squash or you have an idea of what it entails. From this experience you know that customer reviews and prices are not always enough when gauging the quality of a racquet – it is always best if you can conduct tests and do some in-depth research.

I enrolled a friend’s son (who is nine years) to a Squash Club in our neighborhood. This club provides racquets to its players. But what I found interesting is that they have racquets for junior players and adults as well.

They have 2 types:

Junior squash racquets

Standard squash racquets

In this kind of context players with different skill levels are able to choose the kind of racquet that they are most comfortable with.

The standard squash racquets are 27 inches – length.

Note: The World Squash Federation recognizes the maximum squash length as 27-inches (686 millimeters).


Maneuverability is key when we look at junior squash racquets. Since they are shorter compared to the standard units, they have a shorter reach and deliver less power. But at the junior level players are training muscles and brains. That’s why they need a racquet that’s easy to operate.

There are creative people who cut an adult racquet and end up making a junior racquet. But we don’t want you to go through this kind of experience. It’s time-consuming and it’s not effective. The major manufacturers in the game offer junior squash racquets at affordable prices.

Some reputable brands that offer junior squash racquets include:


Black Knight




But be open to the fact that your son or daughter will at some point transition to a standard racquet. For this reason, you need to let your son experiment and use what they’re most comfortable with. In a few, they’ll transition to standard racquets.


Some obvious tip to guide you while you’re shopping for your junior squash racquet is to go for a light racquet. This is something they can swing freely without unnecessary exertion. But the term light is subjective. But to be specific, about 130 grams will do. Some even prefer about 110 grams.

1. Harrow Junior Squash Racquet


Product Description

This high-performance racquet is manufactured by a reputable brand. It has actually been used and endorsed by the Natalie Grainger among other professional squash players.

As observed by most squash enthusiasts, having the best equipment is crucial for any player who aspires to be part of the WISPA rankings. This racquet strikes a perfect balance between precision and power, giving you an enjoyable playing experience.

Product Features

  • Made in China
  • The quality is reliable
  • It doesn’t come with a cover

2. HEAD Xenon Ti Junior Squash Racquet


Product Description

The HEAD Xenon Ti. Junior squash racquet is ideal for juniors who are perfecting their skill level. As they train their brains and muscles, it’s very important for them to use a maneuverable racquet. The racquet head is designed in a “quad” shape thus delivering plenty of power. For easy control, the racquet also comes with a 14 x19 string pattern.

Product Features

  • The string pattern is 14 x19.
  • The racquet comes with a racquet cover.
  • The head size is 75 sq. inches (485 sq. cm).
  • The length of the racquet is 24 3/4 inches (63 cm).

3. Black Knight Junior Graphite Squash Racquet


Product Description

As mentioned earlier, junior players need a lightweight racquet that’s easy to coordinate. The Black Knight provides exactly that. Its size 24 inches long and its designed with full graphite construction. The graphite construction serves to minimize the vibrations.

Product Features

  • The weight of the frame is 135 grams.
  • The Head Size is 440 sq.cm
  • The racquet’s length is 24 inches.
  • Its factory strung and ready for use.
  • The string pattern is 16M x 19C.
  • Does not come with a cover

 4. DUNLOP Squash Play Mini Racquet


Product Description

This racquet comes pre-strung but has no cover. Its short frame length is ideal for junior players.

Product Features

  • Racquet head size: 500 sq.cm.
  • Racquet dimensions: 23 x 8 x 1 inches.
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Model number: SG_B00TXOCUWU_US
  • Head Size: 500 sq.cm.
  • Construction material: Aluminum

5. DUNLOP Fun Mini Squash Racquet


Product Description

This racquet is ideal for kids aged 5-7. Its made of a durable aluminum frame and comes in two colors: red and white.

Product Features

  • Racquet weight: 7.2 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 8 x 1 inches
  • ASIN: B00TXO37NG
  • Model number: SG_B00TXO37NG_US

6. Harrow Junior Squash Racquet – 2014 Model


Product Description

The 2014 model of the Harrow Junior racquet comes in two variants, Carolina and Royal Blue one. It’s specially strung with SC white strings at 26-28 lbs. It weighs about 155 grams with a balance of 350 mm. It’s ideal for players aged 8 – 12 years old.

Product Features

  • Racquet weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Model number: 4420960

7. Dunlop Kids Starter Mini Squash Racquet Ages 3 To 6


Product Description                                                          

The Dunlop Mini Squash Racquet is specially designed to offer junior players and fun and engaging introduction to the squash game. The racquet is made using an Aluminum frame and its suitable for players aged 10 years or more.

Product Features

  • The Head Size is: 500 sq.cm
  • Constructed with an Aluminum frame.
  • Racquet weight: 175g
  • Racquet Length: 23.5 Inches


Product Description                                                          

Start to feel your true shot power

This 25-inch junior version of the Revelation 125 is a lightweight, powerful racquet, ideal for advanced juniors. Specially designed thinner grip for junior players.

Weights may vary slightly due to production

Product Features

  • Series: Hyperfibre
  • Racquet length: 63.5 / 25LENGTH (CM / IN)
  • Balance: Even
  • Head Size: 500 / 78HEAD SIZE (CM² / IN²)
  • String Pattern: 14×18
  • Construction material: Premium Graphite & Hyperfibre XTCONSTRUCTION
  • Weight: 120 grams


DUNLOP Hyperfibre Revelation JuniorSquashRacquetProduct Description                                                          

This lightweight racquet weighs 125 grams but it’s suitable for advanced junior players. Its length is 25-inches.

Product Features

  • Series: Hyperfibre
  • Length: 63.5 (CM)
  • Balance: Even
  • Head Size: 500 (CM²)
  • String Pattern: 14×18
  • Construction Material: Premium Graphite & Hyperfibre.
  • Weight: 120 grams. 



Product Description                                                          

The Dunlop Compete mini is ideal for kids aged 10 years and above. We included this racquet for junior players who’re ready to work with the full-size racquet. This will not only challenge them but they’ll be in a position to develop their skills.

Product Features

  • Series: Mini Squash
  • Length: 68.6 (CM)
  • Head Size: 500 (CM²)
  • String Pattern: 14×19
  • Construction: Titanium Alloy
  • Weight 205 grams. 

What’s a Good Squash Racquet for a Child?

Many parents and guardians find often ask this question and that’s why we want to shed light on the matter. We hope to eliminate unnecessary confusion so that our readers can make wise decisions.

Our research team consulted pros from various Squash Clubs in an attempt to understand the crucial factors that come into play. We highly recommend that juniors use shorter racquets since they’re easy to make contact with as they train their brains.

Power delivery should not be a big deal at this point. But as time goes by, they’ll definitely get comfortable with the full-size racquets.

As mentioned earlier, we recommend something that’s about 130 grams or less. So weight is the first factor to look-out for.

The other crucial factor is the price. Remember you’re dealing with a child, so you don’t have to buy something very expensive and then they end up breaking it. A racquet under $100 will do the job.

To get a reasonably priced racquet, just look-out for racquets that are a couple of years old. Especially those that are about to run out of stock.

Squash Advice and Recommendations According to Size and Age

3 & 4 years


Hand Racquets

At this age level, junior players need not worry about grip. By having the racquet close to the hand, it’s very easy to make ball contact. This is why we recommend hand racquets, the player’s hand tends to be stable. So they’re able to make accurate shots. With this racquet, it’s much better to use foam balls.

Junior Paddle Racquet

We mentioned earlier that junior players need a racquet that’s close to the hand. This allows them to make easy contact with the ball.


Beach Balls

Junior players need the smallest balls you can find. They need something light.

Foam Balls

If you’re concerned about control, the large foam balls will do. They offer better ball control.

5 & 6-year-olds


Racquetball Racquets

At this level, a light racquet will do – especially if the head is close to the hand.

Speedminton Racquets

Although contact might be difficult due to the small head, this racquet is ideal due to its light-weight nature.

Dunlop Junior Squash Racquet

With this lightweight racquet, the head is close to the hand. This results in more difficulty while making contact.


Dunlop Mini Squash Ball.

This ball does not travel so far due to its lightweight nature. This allows junior players to play with a relaxed swing.

Blue Dot Squash Balls

At some point, if you notice that your kids are able to rally 5 shots in a row then give them a real squash ball.

7 & 8-year-olds


Junior Squash Racquets

7-year-olds should use junior squash racquets. Although most junior racquets are about the same size, the Black Knight junior racquet is the longest in this category.

So once they’re comfortable with the regular-sized racquets, they can go for this one.

Racquet Balls

Dunlop mini squash ball

The Dunlop mini squash balls are suitable for junior players. The ball has a slow bounce which gives kids enough time to place it accordingly.

9 & 10-year-olds


Black Knight junior racquet

At this level, the Black Knight junior racquet is ideal due to the superior stroke mechanics that the racquet offers. However, we’re not restricting you from using other junior racquets – provided they have the same length.


SquashBlueDotIntroBallBlue Dot Squash Balls

At this age group, junior players can easily play with the Blue Dot Squash Balls. However, as they develop more strength and skill they’ll be in a position to switch to the yellow dot squash ball.

Dunlop Progress Squash Ball

This ball is heavier and 6% larger with its hang time being 20% longer compared to Pro Squash Ball. This translates to more time for junior players to hit the ball accurately.

11 & 12-year-olds


This age group of junior players will definitely work with the lightweight racquets, provided they’re below 135 grams. This will give your kid an opportunity to learn good swing speed.

Remember we’re aiming for the long-term, so take the time to use ideal equipment that will help your kid.

Technical Advantages To Consider While Shopping For Junior Squash Racquets

Swing path

Lightweight racquets allow your kid to develop better ball control while they furnish a variety of swing paths. The same applies to the swing trajectories, they’ll be in a position to swing in different directions.


When your kid uses the right kind of racquet, they’re better positioned to accelerate it. This is a critical skill for them to learn.

When the racquet is too heavy, they won’t have enough strength to accelerate. Greatly reducing their chances of developing their skills.

Swing rhythm

Junior squash players need to learn the rhythm while they hit the ball. This is why you need to get an appropriate ball and racquet. Since kids are not strong enough, they need something that will allow them to make contact with the ball while they’re comfortable.


By using the appropriate racquets, you’ll position your kid on the right track for them to develop their skills. But if you get the wrong racquet, this will impede their progress and learning motor patterns. However, we’ve pointed out the key aspects that you need to look-out for to make a smart purchase. So all the best as you shop for the junior racquets.

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