How To Play Squash Alone

Playing Squash Alone

If you want to take your squash skills to the next level you need to practice. But how do you play squash alone?

[Updated on 1 June 2020] You will want to look at adding a few solo squash drills to the training program. Many squash players believe a two person game is the best means of practice. But, for the players wishing to build up the in-depth variety of shots, a really strong forearm, and a better appreciation of the court, you really want to look at developing a solo practice routine.

A well planned session of solo squash drills is certain to help develop your game to take you to the next level. Take note of the following squash drills to learn how to play squash alone:

Straight Drive

The straight drive is a perfect opportunity to look at building on your coordination and strength through accuracy and repetition by changing your aim. To improve on your ability to strike the accurate shot you can position a target in front and each strike can vary in relation to the speed and height of the hit. You should concentrate on you action to help improve the tactical side of things and also keep the head still when making a shot.

Short Hit

For this practice routine, you want to position your body in front of the short line and keep striking the ball so that it hits below the service line. Overtime you will see improvements in your accuracy and then it is possible to lower the height and speed up the short drives. This solo squash drill is great to get in a natural swing and really gets the forearm working. Also, it can help to alternate between striking with your left and right foot to get better control of weight transfer when taking shots.

Volley Drop

Start by hitting several volley drives, then change to a volley drop and continue to repeat this routine.

Corner and Hard Low

This is one of the most difficult drills with the aim to let you strike the squash ball with a lot of pace. Stand before the short line and aim your shot in the front area of the right corner. Try to keep the routine going for several minutes with a constant fast pace.

Figure 8

You can begin this drill on the bounce and slowly move up until reaching a volley. Once the shot starts to become easy you can move to striking the ball with more force and aim below the service line. Count the number of times you hit the shot in a row.

Squash Solo Training

The solo training can take place at any time to suit your convenience. This can be when you are fully rested and want a light routine to stay active or it can be after a tough workout. If you complete the drills after a tough workout on occasion, you can really see how different your body works when tired.

By adding in a varied range of solo squash drills to your training program you are certain to see a significant improvement in your all-around squash game.

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