Tennis Elbow Playing Squash and How to Fix The Pain

[Updated on 1 June 2020] A standout amongst the most fun exercises for tennis sweethearts is the inclination you get from venturing out onto the court, unloading your racket and bouncing the ball as you get ready to serve it to your opponent on the opposite side of the net. As you toss the ball into the air and your racket reaches it, the delicate vibration of the effect keeps running down the racket and through your arm. More often than not this is an exceptionally fulfilling sensation, and you’re prepared to proceed with the rally along as your accomplice restores the ball to you, and you get ready to hit it back.

A lot of tennis players know, notwithstanding, that following quite a while of playing their preferred game, an occasional twinge happens when you hit the ball. It could be in the wrist or your shoulder, yet regularly, it is your elbow. This happens on the grounds that, at the time of effect, your elbow is at a point and strained as you plan to pass on the ideal vitality into the ball through your racket. After some time, this can form into redundant strain damage known as tennis elbow, in which case the twinge transforms into a dull hurt, notwithstanding when not playing.

The risk of injury in any sport is there every time you put your body under stress. If you’re a basketball player, your knees and ankles bear the brunt. If climbing is your desired activity, then you’ll be familiar with the pain your hands, wrists, and knees can experience. With tennis, your ankles and elbows are at their limit in terms of bodily stress.

Tennis elbow occurs in the forearm and can restrain your mobility. If left untreated, it can develop into a chronic injury that leaves no other option than surgery. Basically speaking, tennis elbow affects not only tennis players. If you engage in any activity that involves the receptive movement of your arm like constant powerlifting, for example, then you can be just as vulnerable to it. It is an inflammation of the tendons around the elbow joint or tendonitis. For tennis players, this usually affects the stronger arm, as it is the one with the most force. However, it can affect both elbows.

Just as in many sports, there are products available that will lessen the risk or ease the pain during your time on the court. This article will review tennis elbow braces and help to determine what brace will be most practical for you, should you decide to use one.

How Do Elbow Braces Work?

If you get one, then you might wonder how to wear a tennis elbow brace for the best effect. The answer is generally to experiment. The focus of the pressure should be either directly below or on top of the main point of pain.

Braces have at least an adjustable strap. This strap allows you to tighten it as much as you feel comfortable. Within a few minutes, you feel at ease from the pain even when moving around.

Basically, the brace acts in a way to restrict the maximum extension of muscle fibers. You won’t be able to apply the full force, and it limits the movements that are causing damage and pain.

Doctors and physiotherapists probably will recommend them whenever the pain flares up. Having a brace that works doesn’t mean that you can go back to doing the work that caused it. Your health comes first.

Tennis Elbow Brace Buying Guide

Types of Tennis Elbow Braces

If your elbow gives you grief and even prevents you from playing the game you love, then seeking professional advice from a medical practitioner is the best first step. This will ensure the correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment if a severe injury arises. If you’re at the point where you’re looking for a brace for support or to ease pain, then determining the best type of brace will be an important decision in terms of your enjoyment of the game.

Epicondylitis clasp

The highest level of elbow support. These clasps are the more expensive as well as being the most advanced how they apply the protection for your elbow. They are products of plastic with a strap to secure it on the arm. When used on the correct spot, they absorb pressure from the muscle or tendon directly beneath. Thereby easing some forces that present problems for the elbow joint. They need to be fitted well to produce the desired results, and they are instrumental in doing so. Because of their expense, they are ideal for professional tennis players.

Tennis Elbow Strap

These are standard, simple to use, and inexpensive. For the casual player with pain in specific areas, these are ideal because just like the epicondylitis clasps, we apply them to apply pressure on certain tendons and muscles to absorb some forces that travel through your arm as you strike the ball. They are generally constructed of comfortable materials with a Velcro strap for securing them to the arm. Some also have pressure pads that sit just below the elbow where the pain is most felt.

Tennis Elbow Sleeve

The third primary type of brace for tennis players is the full-size elbow sleeve. Also, relatively inexpensive, they are designed for more general support of the elbow and thus more aimed at preventative injuries and those that feel some discomfort during play. They are simple to apply and cover the whole joint, secured with a strap or by their elastic nature. One advantage is that they keep the area warm, which further assists in muscle protection.

Why Should You Buy a Tennis Elbow Brace?

Have you ever considered the reasons your favorite athletes wear elbow compression sleeves or why anyone needs them at all? Why do the thinking when we are here for you? Here are a few reasons;

Speedy recovery after the injury

The athlete’s main reason for using elbow compression sleeves is to heal speedily after an injury. Exercises that overextend the triceps can put a massive strain on the elbows, and for different reasons, you can get hurt.

Elbow braces help you to continue your activity and recover from pain, which reduces gradually depending on the severity of your injury.

Improvement in blood circulation

The sleeves will promote adequate blood circulation when you get your elbows injured. It can this by maintaining the temperature of the damaged part. This helps to reduce the likelihood of blood getting stagnated. Some people use it to fight cold. It keeps them warm but not too hot as a jacket would. An elbow compression sleeve ensures blood flow to the muscles and joints than it will, to your skin. Hence, it reduces the pain in the elbow joints and prevents swelling of the tissues.

Prevention of injuries

One other advantage of a tennis elbow brace is that it protects your elbow from bumps, bruises, and scratches. This is especially important when playing sports. If you stumble and fall, it prevents your skin from scratching. You can wear your sleeve to avoid muscle soreness after a certain amount of effort. Tennis elbow braces come in handy if you are training for an extended period for the first time.

Tennis elbow braces will help in preventing tendinitis and other injuries. They keep your elbows tight and warm and thus makes your joints less likely to get troubled.

However, some people use a tennis elbow brace when they engage in activities that add weight on the elbows, even when they have no injury or discomfort.

What Features You Should Focus On

You experience the ache as you play and feel it afterward and you’ve delved further into protecting your elbow from further damage. As discussed earlier, it would be wise to consult a medical professional to know exactly how severe the injury is and what you can do about it. They may also advise on a recommended brace that will serve your needs perfectly. Following this advice will cause you getting better results in the long run.

If you wish to select your brace or you want to prevent further injury, comparing products from different companies will always be a tough task. It is difficult because they often use different terms to describe the same thing. It’s a well-known marketing trick to help them seem unique. But in fact, it only confuses.

To help with this, we did a tremendous amount of research to get a list of five products. You should always consider a few points when buying a tennis elbow brace. What is the perfect tennis elbow brace for you? You need a brace that gives you the right support, yet is comfortable enough without slipping, pinching, irritating, moisturizing, or smell.

These are the precise features we examined when putting together each tennis elbow brace review. The process is a simple one, but it requires a lot of time.


You may not want anything natural, as it cannot provide the tightness. And that, they would quickly become very smelly if you wear them when playing sports. Hence, You will need to have synthetic materials.


Most offers only have one sleeve. However, you can still get products available in pairs; hence, you get two sleeves. Another thing is to watch out for the portable zippered pockets offered for free on some tennis elbow compression sleeves. The pouches come in handy if you want to keep things well-organized in your sports bag.

Seams and finishing

It is essential to watch out for the overall finishing of the sleeve. The material should feel comfortable and firm. Some sleeves have problems with the end of the seams. Hence, remember to check them. The ends should have a beautiful finishing that will not irritate your skin.


We have chosen each of the tennis elbow braces to provide maximum breathability. The reason you want to have that material is to limit the amount of sweating when playing sports. If you have excessive sweat build-ups under the brace or sleeve, it becomes very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, a lot of cheap products out there that practically make you feel you’re wearing plastic directly on the skin. The more affordable braces are products of polyester and nylon that are less breathable and not as durable. More expensive ones go for hybrid fabrics such as neoprene. Some contain materials like bamboo and copper to give it extra strength and extra rigidity. This added firmness will decrease the feeling of free movement but will aid in keeping that joint sturdy.


This is a critical feature. We all have different arm sizes, and there are significant differences between men and women, and adults and children. Some products we have listed come in different sizes. These products might be the best for differences in arm sizes.

Longer elbow compression sleeves wrap the lower part of your biceps. They can, however, hurt your biceps when you move it depending on how tight and how much muscle mass you have. You should always go for an option that is adjustable with Velcro straps. Dependent on how severe your tendonitis is, you will want to adjust the tightness of the brace on the injury.

Compression Sleeve

This sleeve is one option for helping with the pain from tendonitis. Compression sleeves apply a certain amount of pressure directly to the skin and muscles. It has a massaging effect that improves blood flow. That additional blood flow helps bring more nutrients to the injured part, which helps to speed up the repair and recovery process.

Before the use of compression sleeves, athletes use bandages to wrap the affected area tightly. It’s about the same concept, but the sleeves are a lot more comfortable. The sleeves are a great choice to wear all day as they are barely noticeable under clothes. This option is an excellent choice for light pain. But if your pain grows more severe, then you’ll need the shielding effect of a brace.

The Strap Brace

If you like checking old video footage of tennis players, you’ll probably notice a few of them wearing armbands. This is a tight band that helps to support the elbow joint and reduce the strain on the tendons.

Most modern braces also support the elbow joint to reduce strain; they just do with a much more targeted design. Mostly, you can adjust the tightness easily and move the pressure point around. When you get this brace right on top of the central area of pain, then you will get the best results.

Having a sleeve and a strap combo is often the best solution. You should wear the brace when you’re active and playing sports. You can also wear a compression sleeve for the rest of the day, or when the soreness has gone away. This combination provides relief to the pain and speeds up recovery.

Budget and Warranty

Your budget ultimately determines the type of sleeve you go for. The cheapest product is not the best at most times; neither is the most expensive the best. You need to purchase a cost-effective tennis elbow brace that provides you with excellent performance.

Tennis elbow braces that have a warranty of at least 30 days give you a chance to receive and test your item before settling for it finally.

Our Top Picks

Simien Elbow Braces

Simien’s Elbow Tennis Elbow brace runs first on our list. This brace runs around the upper part of the forearm and puts the tendon directly under pressure. This Velcro tape has been in existence for long for at least 15 years ago. This model and brand come from high-quality materials such as neoprene and nylon that are comfortable and durable.

The brace is easily set up and entirely adjustable. You just have to wear the brace around the thickest part of your forearm. You can adjust them during the game if there’s a need to decrease or increase the pressure. Use the Velcro to tighten it. The manufacturer states that it is a “one size,” so it is suitable for almost everyone. This tennis brace’s design is stretched with easy tightening for people with different arm sizes (physique).

Another great thing about the Simien model is that you will receive several free bonuses; they were at least included at the time of writing this article. The purchase comprises an additional sweatband and the eBook “Addressing Tennis Elbow Pain.” It is also sold as a 2-Count-Pack.

The brace offers excellent muscle and joint pain relief. The brace serves as an armband for different activities that can cause elbow hyperextensions such as weightlifting and basketball. It has a compression gel-like pad that works even better than air pads.

This brace comes in two as you would usually wear one on your dominant arm to hit your bat. If you play several sports, you can dedicate each to different games; one in your gym, another in your golf bag, and much more.

One would think the SIMIEN is too costly as it comes with two braces, a book, and high-quality materials. But it’s inexpensive. The pad helps to put the right amount of pressure without causing too much pain. It also relieves pain right away, making it convenient for those moments when you can’t bear it anymore. While the brace is durable, with constant use, it loosens up quickly.


  • The product includes two braces, sweatbands, and E-book on dealing with pain.
  • One size fits all — allows you to adjust the size to your arm.
  • Synthetic materials are hard wearing
  • It offers excellent value for money given what the package includes; hence, cost-effective
  • Doesn’t obstruct proper play during tennis, golf or gym exercises


  • Not ideal for very slim arms — It may slip off your elbow because of its tendency to stretch out evenly.
  • Velcro wears out too easy
  • The material is not latex-free

DashSport Tennis Elbow Brace with Copper Compression Sleeve

Can’t decide between a traditional tennis elbow brace or a compression sleeve? Well, DashSport offers you both. Though you can wear this combo separately, they’re designed to work together for maximum pain relief, support, and recovery after a long day of playing tennis.

The sleeve is of a copper/nylon blend that is anti-itch, odor-resistant, and features antibacterial properties. It’s non-slip and flexible, so you’ll have no restrictions on your tennis court. This design keeps you warm in cooler temperatures and cools your body at warmer temperatures. The DashSport elbow brace has a Velcro hook and loop strap system, so you’ll get a comfortable, custom fit.

In case you have only tried using a brace, the brace and compression sleeve combo are highly beneficial. This combo is especially useful for people with more severe pain. The strap helps to make sure that the pressure on the injury is just right, and the compression sleeve offers you with the support that you need.

This ideal sleeve/brace combo ensures comfortability without being too warm. It has an innovative design that won’t slip. It is also comfortable to wear and feels convenient for long-lasting use.

A full E-book for instructions also comes with the package. The nylon and copper materials combination in the brace’s making makes it an effective method of pain alleviation. It has the highest copper quality, making the sleeve comfortable, breathable, and useful.

The Dashboard Company provides more advanced and quality products to make sure you feel better. This item offers a hustle free 100% money-back guarantee in case of any disappointments.


  • it is available in several sizes to help you get the perfect fit
  • Includes elbow brace and compression sleeve
  • Tennis elbow sleeve improves circulation and repair
  • The brace is easy to adjust and relieves pain.
  • Suitable for wearing all-day


  • On the pricey side
  • Velcro strap overlaps on small arms
  • Sizing runs large — sizing guides are not standard
  • Poor stitching

Tomight Elbow Braces

The Tomight brace is a unique design that allows maximum functionality and comfort. The velcro strap will enable you to adjust the brace to a perfect fit. You can trust that it is durable as it has a design of high-quality seam work. The double stitching on the brace ensures a more sustainable and even tighter brace that resists easy tear. This is a highly attractive factor because you may need to use the brace for an extended period.

With a full compression pad, it soothes the injured area and ensures the right amount of pressure for the support that you need. Often, the padded area may be too small for some, which can render it useless to the user. This is one reason the full pad on the Tomight is such a hit; It will cover the troubled area.

The design also allows for the highest breathability there is, so if you use it during a game, it won’t irritate your skin. It’s made from full neoprene, so unless you have some allergy to it, you can always expect it to feel comfortable to wear.

The brace’s two-strap design allows you to quickly and easily loosen or tighten the brace and won’t impede your game. It also makes sure that the brace doesn’t slip, no matter what. The package comes with two braces and a user manual. These make the use of the brace both convenient and helpful. Best of all, the Tomight option is inexpensive. While quality is the priority, it’s no hurt that you are paying less for more.


  • A pack of two is ideal if both arms are affected
  • Very well ventilated to reduce sweating
  • Very effective pain relief when worn regularly
  • The Double Velcro straps keep it in place during any activity.
  • It helps distribute the muscle force to help speedy recovery
  • The elastic EVA pad ensure a reduction in muscle inflammation
  • The material won’t irritate your skin — Reinforced with neoprene for a skin-friendly effect
  • Unisex and one-size-fits-all


  • Slightly on the bulky side — reviews show it’s too big to be worn underneath long sleeves.
  • Not suitable for very slim arms; It does not apply pressure well and requires constant adjustments.

Kunto Fitness Compression Support Elbow Brace

The Kunto Elbow Compression brace is full-length elbow support covering half of the biceps and forearm. As a result, it exerts a uniform pressure via the elbow joint. Its rigid construction gives you comfort, support, and compression affecting your arm’s freedom. The fabric is very breathable and ensures active moisture movement, keeping you dry. It keeps your arm stickiness-free a long-time use.

It has a design of a specialized fabric blend with a 4-way stretch capability. The stretch capability enables total and ultimate protection. This Brace provides a perfect fit, so you do not have to be bothered about slips off during exercise. The distinctive fabric shape ensures a tight fit around your elbow. The product is unisex; both males and females can use it.

This brace ensures that uniform pressure is exercised on the elbow joints. Hence, you get moderate relief from several diseases like arthritis, tendinitis, or elbow pain. You can also use this brace for preventive or maintenance measures in sports like powerlifting sport, golf, CrossFit, basketball, and tennis. It is a product of a dense, breathable, and body-hugging fabric, and your joints can always become more stable while providing comfort.

Its TRUE FIT design ensures it doesn’t slip and makes sure it’s a perfect fit for most users. It fits both the bigger athletes and slimmer individuals. Hence, it is more versatile compression support than the others with inaccurate sizing. The unique fabric weave also enables more form-fitting functionality so that users get the help they need without it “cutting off circulation.” The right amount of compression is good for its benefits, but you would also like to prevent more pain from an elbow sleeve that is too snug.

The brace’s breathable compression fabric ensures proper flexibility for your exercise. Allergies to neoprene make this option a great alternative to neoprene sleeves and braces. It also has a colorful pattern that allows it to stand out. It is well-ventilated against irritations and heat.

This is an excellent support that stays safely in place to guard against slipping. Thanks to the soft, breathable materials, it is pleasant on the skin and provides enough support for your joints.


  • It has excellent compression support for pain relief.
  • It comes with a fun, colorful design.
  • Its neoprene-free fabric ensures no irritability.
  • Its form-fitting design ensures flexibility
  • The pressure makes it comfortable to wear
  • The well-ventilated sleeve provides added breathability and regulation of arm temperature
  • Helps minimize pain and injury while reducing recovery time
  • Manufacturer’s warranty


  • It is difficult to find a perfect fit as sizing is inaccurate
  • Only one sleeve included
  • On the pricey side
  • Some experienced itching because of the stitching

PowerLix Elbow Brace Compression Support

A variation from the traditional tennis elbow brace is a compression sleeve. This one from PowerLix is highly rated and recommended. This elbow brace offers relief from tennis elbow by exercising stable pressure around your elbow joints. This elbow support comes with an anti-slip system and helps to ease not only pain but also blood circulation.

The device is ergonomically designed with a four-way compression sleeve. This compression sleeve allows you a full range arm motion during physical activities that cause strain to the joints. The 4-way stretch fabric construction allows for the full range of motion on all shots while providing pain relief for many arm injuries like tendinitis, joint inflammation, swelling, and more.

The PowerLix Elbow Brace a product of a high-performance, breathable fabric that helps to minimize injury by offering optimum muscle support. The PowerLix Company designs the material to keep the optimal temperature and also improves blood circulation for a faster recovery. The anti-slip sleeve helps to minimize injury and prevent bad odors.

You’ll enjoy exceptional elbow support and also maintain maximum performance during your activities. Sizes are available in a variety, but the sleeve can lose elasticity.  However, the company offers a six-month warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee if the product does not satisfy your needs.


  • The 4-way compression sleeve’s design
  • Improves blood circulation for a speedy recovery
  • Provides significant pain relief
  • It also offers adequate joint support
  • Made with anti-slip system
  • Breathable fabric
  • 6-month warranty with 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some users find compression sleeves too tight
  • Sleeve loses elasticity over time
  • Can cause itchiness
  • Reviews show that the sleeve didn’t run right to size.

Conclusion and Recommendations

We all enjoy a good match on the court, hitting that ball back and forth in a competitive dance with the opposition. We also want to enjoy the game for a lengthy period, without external factors affecting it. This is especially true with damage to elbows and other joints. There is no higher frustration in sports than the inability to take part due to pain and discomfort in our bodies. The reality of a tennis elbow is that it is largely out of our hands.

For other injuries, you can stretch, apply techniques, or use quality equipment to help prevent injuries. Unfortunately, with elbow injuries in tennis, it is the fundamental nature of the game, the hitting of the ball that over time can cause us to experience this. With an effective elbow brace, however, the risk of pain can at least be mitigated. It is essential to consider the nature of the injury you have or wish to prevent.

For general support, for example, a compression sleeve will be highly desirable because it offers excellent support while being comfortable and sleek. Our pick of the bunch for sleeves would probably be the Kunto with its specially designed fabric. The comfort and feeling of wearing it is a level above the neoprene and polyester of most products. Still, as with most full elbow sleeves, you must consider the extra warmth which may or may not be what you want.

If you have an existing injury and you want to relieve pain, then selecting a good brace should be the aim. The products made by Tomight and Simien are good examples where such technology is ideal for giving you that extra support where you need it. Because they target the tendon area and direct energy away from the impact points, they work well to lessen the pain and reduce the risk of further injuries.

To enjoy the game you love, make sure you’re well protected with the right gear. This will help you play indefinitely and make those 5-setters a pleasure instead of pain. was started with the goal of being your go-to resource for all things squash. The team of squash enthusiasts are avid club players and have represented their communities in running nationally-sanctioned squash tournaments and sit on their respective state squash association boards.

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