Squash Warm Up Exercises


Squash Warm up Excercise

During an intense game such as squash, the body exerts great efforts to perform twists, sudden turns and deliver force on the court. Forcing all of the muscles to perform at its best at a very fast pace can wear on your body. Warm-up exercises are strongly recommended when doing any strenuous activity to help condition the muscles before playing the game. Below are some of the important squash warm-up exercises.


Quad Stretch

  1. Find a wall or something you can hold onto to keep your balance. Hold onto the wall and lift your ankle towards your butt with your opposite hand.
  2. Keep your standing leg straight as you bring your head as close to the ground as you could while keeping your torso straight.

Hamstring Stretch

  1. Step one foot forward and place both of your hands on your thigh.
  2. Bring your head as close to the ground as you can while keeping your torso and your legs straight.

Arm Stretch

  1. Stand next to a wall. Press one hand against the wall with arms straight and perpendicular to your body.
  2. Keep yourself straight as you turn yourself close and perpendicular to the wall.



The arabesque is a dance position in ballet. Combined with a lunge, this improves balance, stability and leg strength.

  1. Stretch the arms out to balance your body. Bring the torso as low to the ground as you can while stretching out a leg backward. Keep your back and legs as straight as you can.
  1. Keep your balance and lunge your hanging foot forward as far as you can while keeping a straight back. Then do the same with the opposite side.

Duck Walk

Derived from a basic military exercise, the duck walk activates the lower body and legs.

  1. Take your hands on the back of your head. Chest out and keep your body straight. Bring your feet far apart as you bring your buttocks as low as you can.
  2. Make one large step forward followed by the other foot. Then return to your original position. Do the same with the sides and backwards.

Flamingo Raise

Designed to further develop balance and strengthen your muscles on your waist to your toes.

  1. Hands wide apart for balance. Keep the body straight as you one foot off the ground.
  2. Bend the standing foot slowly to bring your body as low as you can. Do not let raised foot touch the ground. Raise your body up as slowly as you can. Do the same on the other side.

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