Squash Drills For 2

[Updated on 1 June 2020] Any squash player with access to a regular practice partner can easily get into a habit of playing match practice games on each meet up.

Practical Squash Drills For 2

Even though this is a great way to practice squash, there is the risk of getting accustomed to playing a single opponent that plays in a specific way. Over time this can lead to boredom and you are less likely to have an all-round squash game.

The most effective route is to create a varied range of squash drills and routines that are playable with your squash partner. You will find over time this can really help to improve your overall game. Plus, the more varied and intense drills help to break up any boredom that may set in and it will be a lot more fun for you and your squash partner.

Let’s take a look a few of the best squash drills for 2:

Striking to length with a backhand

Play with a squash training partner and hit the ball cross-court using the back-court. For the player on the left-hand side, you should aim to strike the ball hard and low, while your partner on the other side of the court should strike the ball soft and high. Continue to swap sides while you practice this drill.

Service practice

Practicing your service is certain to help with your game play. Start practicing your serve using the forehand. Your partner should simply strike the ball to return to you so that you can repeat the serve. Repeat this multiple times. The next drill is to let your partner practice their serve using their backhand, and you simply help by returning the ball. After repeating this multiple times, you should swap sides on the court to give the opportunity to work both the forehand and backhand side.

Long shots

Play a long shot game to help improve in areas like accuracy and control. A simple rule of this type of game is that every playable shot must be struck so it is hit past the service line.

Short shots

A further training drill to help improve your all-around control is to look at the short shots game. This training session is based on playing game points, but the idea is that each shot is hit short with the intention to avoid passing the service line.

Service box target

A simple method to play game points is to take shots that need to land in your partner’s service box, which should also include the serve. However, it is not possible to use volleys. The players score a point for each shot that successfully hits the partner’s service box. Keep changing sides as you complete a set.

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