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Best Doubles Squash Racquet-Top Choice for Doubles Squash

No one wants to be embarrassed by a squash racquet that breaks in the middle of an intense doubles squash game. Unfortunately, many players who begin to fall in love with the game of doubles squash play with their singles squash racquet. If you intend to be a competitive doubles player, you want to have the proper equipment. If you want to play doubles squash, you can avoid that embarrassment by having a proper doubles squash racquet. As in many other racquet sports, a squash racquet can have subtle features that best suits your style of play. The leader for doubles squash racquets is Harrow, whom we feature below with a great selection of doubles squash racquets. Along with Harrow racquets, Black Knight is our other favorite doubles squash racquet manufacturer. If you are playing at a consistently competitive level, we have researched some of the best squash racquets that can…

Men’s Squash Shoes – Reviews And Top Picks

Every day we have to choose what type of shoes to wear when we go to work, to the gym or when it is summer or winter. We know that lightweight shoes are better for walking long distances while shoes with warm linings and fastenings are better for winter. Men’s squash shoes also have specific features to make it easier for you to move in the squash court. How to choose the right pair of men’s squash shoes Your squash shoes should fit your feet correctly because when you are playing squash your feet naturally swell from the heat and movement. Buying shoes that are a half size larger than your normal size may be a good idea because they can accommodate the swelling when you are playing on the court. Also, pay attention to the width of the shoe before you buy. Squash shoes that fit you correctly make…