Squash Drills for Beginners

[Updated on 1 June 2020] Any beginner player can benefit from adding a varied range of squash drills to their training routine.They are useful to hone the all-round skills and practical to perform in pairs or as a solo player. Let’s take a look at just a few of the tried and test squash drills for beginners:

Solo Squash Drills for Beginners

Serve drills

One of the first places to start with the squash drills for beginners is the serve drills. Start by practicing 10 lob serves which can be hit from the different serve boxes. Begin with a high strike on the front wall and look to land the ball on the opposite corner and close to the side wall.

Go with 10 smash serves struck from the different serving boxes. Aim the shot low and hard and look to land the ball opposite the service box. Also, you can vary the service by attempting 10 smash serves from both sides of the court. The intention with these shots is to hit just inside the opponent’s side of the quarter.

Lob drills

The beginner players are positioned on the front line and strikes a soft shot at the front wall. When the ball returns you want to lob the ball with a high arc to make it land over the top of a player that would stand at the rear wall on the right side. Continue to repeat this drill with the shot directed to the other side of the court.

Straight drive drills

This drill involves standing close to the back wall of the court and using a forehand stroke to practice a straight drive. The intention is to hit the wall that is directly in front of you. The position the beginner takes on the court will relate to whether you play left or right-handed.

The left handed player stands on the left and the right handed would be on the right side. The intention of this drill is to strike the ball so that it returns and lands behind the service box and relatively close to the wall. With time you can slowly cut the target area of the first bounce of the ball. Start with the entire width of the back corner and slowly close in until you only need a short area close to the side wall.

Doubles Squash Drills for Beginners

Straight drive drills

Start the drill by taking the serve and smashing the ball to the opponent’s side wall. On receiving the ball, your opponent hits a straight drive on the forehand. The opponent again takes a shot and this time hits a smashed serve to you need to return the shot using a straight drive using the backhand. Continue to switch court sides to get a complete mix of backhand and forehand strikers.

Overall, a varied selection of squash drills for beginners is certain to help the all-around game play with time. Once you are able to master the basics with the drills mentioned you want to progress to the more complex routines that are perfect for the intermediate players.

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